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Levono Shows Off NVIDIA-Powered Windows 8 'Table PC'

Levono Shows Off NVIDIA-Powered Windows 8 'Table PC'

Out of Levono's biggest reveals during CES 2013, the most impressive isn't a notebook, a traditional tower computer or even a piece of mobile hardware.

Instead, their "gadget of the show" just might be their NVIDIA-Powered Windows 8 Table PC.

That's not a typo, either—Levono's new PC takes up a large chunk of table space, meant to be laid flat on its back for ease of use and input from multiple people.

Table PCs have become more and more common as the technology has gotten more popular, and Levono's own addition to the niche category boasts some impressive specs.

Dubbed the "IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC", it measures out with a slim 27-inch screen packing these specs:
- NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M GPU
- Core i7 processor
- Maximum 8GB DDR3 memory
- 1TB storage space (64GB SSD optional)
- 720p webcam
- USB 3.0 and HDMI support
- Six-in-One card reader

Not only does the 1920x1080 display support 10-point multi-touch (which means 10 people can use it at once), but it also comes with its own custom gaming accessories: an "e-dice" and four joysticks.

That makes it pretty clear that a major focus of the IdeaCentre Horizon is family gaming, and with the e-dice accessory, it seems that new iterations of board game franchises will be in the mix, provided with gaming apps in Windows 8. It'll be an interesting experiment to say the least, especially as table PCs become more commonplace in the coming years.

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